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Simply a great gym with great people achieving great results. It’s my happy place.  No matter how I feel when I get there, I leave happy. You can walk in feeling like crap, and you walk out feeling great.

Richard L.

Member since 2012

The workouts are great and are easily scaleable to fit your fitness level. I really appreciate the feedback I get from the coaches with a focus on my form to get stronger, but not hurt myself. The trainers are all very approachable, coaching me with tips or plans to improve my movement. To top all of this off, I love the community here. This is the place for you!

Maria C.

Member since 2015

The coaches are outstanding. They’re professional, charismatic, knowledgeable, and seem to possess a 6th sense tailoring their approach to each individual member. I joined three years ago as a timid novice with zero CrossFit experience and a lack of fitness initiative. The welcoming and inspiring environment catapulted my progress from zero to 100.

Ronnie G.

Member since 2015

It’s a welcoming community with a family atmosphere that motivates me to exercise on those days when I need it most. No matter how exhausted I feel when I walk in the door I always leave feeling better than before. That’s a testament to the coaches and members who encourage one another to do their best. Thanks SecondWind!

Ryan B.

Member since 2012


Let’s start with a 10-15 minute chat about your goals.

Second Wind Mask Policy Update

View this email in your browser I believe you joined or are staying at Second Wind because you care about our community. I believe Second Winders understand that building community with positive social interactions and acting with integrity in our relationships are...

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First Saturday of the Month, Come Run!

First Saturday of every Month: Group Run! Spatially distanced, not socially distanced. Sat Feb 6 @ 8a  RSVP here (or just show up) You're cordially invited... Since our first SWCF running group in January was so successful (with 15 participants!), let’s do it again on...

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The Open 2021 – What is the Open?

The Open starts March 11th Everyone can do it! Even from home without equipment   The Whole World Comes Together for the Open The CrossFit Open is a special time of year when everyone (in the CrossFit World) comes together to do over the course of three weekends to do...

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