While there are many relief organizations supporting humanitarian efforts in Nepal, I would like to make a request for one with which I feel a personal connection: The Juniper Fund.
familyIn November 2014, I went on a trek through the Khumbu Valley of Nepal with a company called Trek8848. We were fortunate to have expert guides that led us on a safe and successful adventure to Everest Base Camp and the summit of Island Peak. However, what was most fulfilling was the long walk to the summit: staying in tea houses, meeting local people, and being immersed in the gentle, welcoming culture of the mountain villages of Nepal.
On April 25th, my Trek8848 guides and friends were at camp 1 in the midst of an Everest summit attempt. Though they felt the earthquake and heard the avalanches, they were safe. However, they lost three of their support team members who had remained at base camp – Pasang Temba, Kumar Rai, and Tenzing Bote.
Trek8848’s Rob Casserley:
“The Juniper Fund is our best option for getting money to the 3 families – as well as helping the overall mission statement of the charity.

For every donation we make, 80% will be diverted directly to the families of Pasang Temba, Kumar and Tenzing. The remaining 20% will go to the fund at large, which will also indirectly benefit them.
memorial The Funds’ quest is to pay each of the involved families (those of deceased Sherpas and staff killed during climbing expeditions in the Himalayas) $3000/year for 5 consecutive years. 

Obviously, our aim is to ensure that even the youngest of the children in our affected families are schooled for the entirety of their education – maybe a 13 year commitment for Kumar’s youngest – but we need to start somewhere and have a safe way of getting the money to them.
The Charity’s founders, Dave Morton and Melissa Arnott are trusted friends and independent (thankfully) of the horrific misuse of aid that the Nepali government simply cannot be trusted to deal with.”

Please join me at Second Wind CrossFit on Sunday, May 31, at 9:30 am for a yoga class to benefit the children of these three men killed by the earthquake and ensuing avalanche.
Come practice, give what you can, and you will make a direct and positive impact on the lives of these Nepali children.