Workout of the Day


The Zercher squat is a variation of the front squat where the barbell is loaded in the crook of your elbows. It’s not comfortable. It’s weird, but it does present some benefits. Squatting with the weight placed in front of the body challenges the entire musculature of the back as it fights to maintain stability under a load that wants to fall forward. You really feel the need for keeping a tight core.

Start at a lighter since this is a new lift, but try to get heavy. Your weight may be determined not by how much you can squat, but by how much you can hold in your arms. Feel free to put a pad on the barbell.

Hey, we’re trying something new here.


Zurcher Squat

Run 6x200m

pick the fastest pace you can maintain for all 6 rounds
rest as needed between rounds



Barbell Bettys

10 Bench Press (50-60%)
10 Bulgarian Split Squats – 5/side (w/ or w/out DBs)
10 Sumo DLHP w/KB


Bench Press | Sumo Deadlift High Pull