Workout of the Day


It’s time to get heavy! As with all strength days, unless you are nursing an injury, don’t be afraid to get after it. If you fail a lift, that’s okay! Try to get out of your comfort zone and push your strength limits today (within reason and good form!). Think back to those pause front squats we did last week…you should remember what it feels like to sit at the bottom of the front squat/clean for a few seconds. So if you catch a squat clean a LITTTLE off balance, don’t give up on that rep just yet, fight to find the bottom of the squat and know that you have been here before (so you can hold this for a second) and that you can still potentially stand the lift up.


Clean | Front Squat | Hang Squat Clean | Kettlebell Swing | Squat Clean

2 min hollow hold
2 min couch stretch per side


Hollow Rock

Barbell Bettys

Sumo Deadlift

10 x 3
increase weight at least 2-3 times over sets


Deadlift | Sumo Deadlift

3 Rounds
Row 250
10 Sumo deadlift high pulls
10 Ring Rows or Pull Ups


Deadlift | Ring Row | Row | Sumo Deadlift