Workout of the Day

1) Broad Jump Up and Back
2) 12 Wall Ball
3) 10 Banded Face Pulls (Doesn’t that just sound awesome?)


Wall Ball Shot

Run 1 mile

This is the first of our 2019 Benchmark Series workouts. The mile run is a great test of fitness (way better than a marathon).

The standard mile at Second Wind is two laps of the 800 loop. It is not a certified mile by any means but if you do the same thing each tie we test, it’s ok.

You can choose to map out your own mile in your neighborhood and do this workout, but be sure to repeat it the same way next time.

Run hard! This is not a jog. It is a max effort run. Having said that, pacing strategy is important. One simple way to do it is to try to negative split. That simply means your second half is faster than your first half.

Note from SugarWOD: Important: Please make sure your athletes have upgrade their mobile apps to iOS 3.4.0+ or Android 2.2.0+ to use Custom Benchmarks!



Barbell Bettys

Tabata #1: Hollow Rock/Superwoman
Tabata #2: Kettlebell Swings


Hollow Rock | Kettlebell Swing

5 Rounds
4 Front Squats, then immediately transition to 7 back squats


Back Squat | Front Squat