Workout of the Day

20 Russian KBS
30 Mountain Climbers
10 American KBS
15 Sit-Ups

*Every 2:00 including at 3-2-1 go…Perform 30 Double-Unders or :20 Double-Under Practice

(Score is Rounds + Reps)


20 Russian Swing w/ Backpack
30 Mountain Climbers
10 Backpack Ground-to-Overhead (think: plate G2O)
15 Sit-Ups

*Every 2:00 including at 3-2-1 go…Perform 30 Air Squats
(Score is Rounds + Reps)


Air Squat | Jump Rope (Double Unders) | Kettlebell Swing | Kettlebell Swing (Russian) | Sit-up

Barbell Bettys

After much thought and discussion with the coaching staff, we have decided that for everyone’s health and safety, we need to hit the pause button. Second Wind is going to temporarily halt group classes.

While we believe the risk of contracting the coronavirus in an environment of super-fit people who are hyper-vigilant about cleaning remains very low, it’s not zero. This decision is based on a sense of social responsibility. We are doing our part to “flatten the curve.” If two or three weeks from now it appears the whole country wildly over-reacted, good, that means it worked.

Here’s What We Are Doing

We will continue to provide daily workouts in SugarWOD…these are workouts that you can do at home.
We will closely monitor local and federal guidance, and act accordingly.
We will re-evaluate every week.
We will stay engaged with you through Facebook, Instagram, SugarWOD.
We will continue to provide 1-on-1 Personal Training at the gym.
We will meet you outside: group runs, hikes, workouts in the park. Stay tuned.

Here’s What You Can Do:

Continue to workout. This whole thing is stressful enough. Stay on SugarWOD, do the workouts, post your scores. Give virtual fist bumps.
Get outside. Hike. Run. Bike. Need an endurance coach? We offer that.
Book a Personal Training session with Holly. Or a 30-minute express session.
Wash your hands like you just ate crabs.
Stay engaged with us through Facebook, Instagram and SugarWOD.
There is an unfortunate trickle-down effect to this decision. For a few weeks, we won’t be able to provide you with everything you signed up for. But we will need to continue to pay our bills, and we want to continue paying the coaches for the work they’ll do to engage you while we are closed. We hope you will understand why we ask you keep your membership intact. We also understand that some of you, too, may be taking a financial hit with the closings and illnesses. If that’s the case, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help bridge the gap.

This is certainly not an easy decision for us and we don’t take it lightly. Our goal is to re-open as soon as we can and to keep providing you with the service and community that has become so important to you. Again, we may be over-reacting, but if there is a wildfire nearby, do you wait until it’s on your street to evacuate? We are trying to be proactive and stay ahead of this…for everyone’s health.

Steve & Michelle


Clean | Run


Intensity: 3 out of 10

Find a hilly course or trail (Peirce Mill in Rock Creek Park is a good starting point).
Don’t be afraid to push yourself to get up a hill, but take walk breaks as needed. The idea is to get your legs used to pushing hard over short-duration, high-intensity climbs.

Beginners: 30 minutes and walk for 30 seconds after each hill