Strength Only – Pick 2

Front Squat/Back Squat
4 x 7/13
65% 1RM Fr Sq (or 5-10 pounds more than two weeks ago)
Push Press
We will do a 10-min general warm up, then you will have 20 minutes to complete your first lift and 20 minutes to complete your second lift.

Tonight (Wednesday) the 6:30pm class will be a mobility class with Physical Therapist Kevin McGuinness.
We are going to try something a little different this week. We will break the class into two 25min sessions, each one the same. The focus will be “desk therapy”. We will spend the 20-25 mins holding long stretches to undo the damage done by sitting for too long.
The aim is to give you some tools to help you in your office if you sit too much, or while you are watching TV, or if you have a long drive planned for this summer. No special equipment needed, just come sink into the stretches.
This class will benefit everyone. You can come to the first half, second half or both. We will be doing lifting only on Wednesday in the CrossFit classes. You can come lift at 530 or 730.

Also, we are offering another service: Kevin is available for 30-min private “functional mobility assessments” here at the gym.
He will take you through a series of range of motion tests, find out where you specifically lack certain mobility, and give you some personal recommendations on how to improve. The cost for a 30-min session is $75.
To book an appointment, please contact Kevin directly at