Workout of the Day

For Time
Up-Dn + Box Jump Over
Hang Power Snatch (95/65)

rest 2 mins

Up-Dn + Box Jump Over
Hang Power Snatch (95/65)

Weight on the Hang Power Snatch should be light enough that athletes can hold onto the bar for 8-12 reps at a time. The first part of the Workout (18-12-6) should be done in 8:00 or less, and the goal of the second part is to match that time. It will be difficult to do, so athletes should go into the second part with a
plan of how long they are going to hold onto the barbell each round. Up-Down Box Jump Overs should be a consistent pace throughout.


Box Jump | Snatch

Barbell Bettys

Bench Press for load:
#1: 3 reps
#2: 3 reps
#3: 3 reps
#4: 3 reps
#5: 3 reps


Bench Press

10 Ground to Overhead w/Plate*
10 Jumping Lunges

*Try a plate one step heavier than you thought you’d use!


Jump Rope (Double Unders) | Walking Lunge