Muscle Up Practice
3-5 Strict Ring Pull Ups
3-5 Transitions
3-5 Ring Dips

For Time
12 Power Snatch (115/75)
12 Box Jumps
9 Power Snatch
9 Box Jumps
6 Power Snatch
6 Box Jumps
Run 800

The September movement focus will stay on the rings, but get a little more specific:  The Muscle Up.
Yes, there are many of you, most of you in fact, who are not only a long way from a muscle up, but are still developing the strength for the two major components of a muscle up, the pull-up and the dip.  I get that, and we will continue to work on those.
But after watching the ring work this month, I saw that there are some people who are very close to getting it.  So we will be tracking all month who gets their fist muscle up, and for everyone else, let’s get closer to it.
From Greg Glassman’s CF Journal article on The Muscle Up:

The muscle-up is astonishingly difficult to perform, unrivaled in building upper body strength, a critical survival skill, and most amazingly of all, virtually unknown. 
This movement gets you from under things to on them. Let your imagination run.
Though containing a pull-up and a dip, its potency is due to neither. The heart of the muscle-up is the transition from pull-up to dip – the agonizing moment when you don’t know if you’re above or below.
That moment – the transition – can last from fractions to dozens of seconds. At low, deliberate speeds, the muscle-up takes a toll physically and psychologically that can only be justified by the benefit. No other movement can deliver the same upper body strength. Period.
This Frankenstein’s monster combination of pull-up and dip gives the exercise advantages that render it supreme among
exercises as fundamental as the pull-up, rope climb, dips, push-ups, and even the almighty bench press.