Workout of the Day

10 Minutes to practice Muscle Ups

Beginner – Transition Drills
Intermediate – High Ring Drills
Advanced – Mult. Reps or Strict Work



Row 50/40 cal
50 Wall Ball
10 Muscle Ups

Continue to learn and progress on the muscle up journey,
whether a newbie or a seasoned vet, everyone can improve on this complex
gymnastics movement. Smooth and steady pacing on the workout (fittest will
have go hard on the row), and scaling to allow for 1.5-2 rounds.

The workout is designed to be a grinder from the very beginning. With big rep
schemes on each movement, athletes will have to pick and choose where they
press hard and where they dial it back. No matter what, everyone will have to
find a smooth pace on the row and eventually break up the wall balls and
muscle ups in order to maintain a steady pace.

Coaches will review scaling options for the Muscle Up as you practice them.


Muscle-Up | Row | Wall Ball Shot

Barbell Bettys

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 -3

Increase weight each round . . . start with Push Press and movie into Push Jerk as needed.


Push Press

5 Rounds
Run 200m
5 OH Squat
10 Sit Ups


Run | Sit-up