Workout of the Day

3 Rounds
Jump Rope: 100 singles or
50 Double Unders or
1 min DU practice or
10 Fast Steps

10 Air Squats
5/5 Groiners
:30 Plank


Air Squat | Jump Rope (Double Unders)

For Time
Run 400
50 Air Squats
Run 400
50 Push Ups
Run 400
50 Sit Ups
Run 400

To approximate 400m, run anywhere from 1 minute to 1:30 (depending on where you think you are on the run speed scale), mark that point and run back. If you are in an apartment, this still counts. Mark the time from when you leave your door.

Finisher: 5 Mins Legs Up the Wall


Air Squat | Push Up | Run