Workout of the Day

12 noon with Morgan

(From here on out, this link will be the same for all the Zoom WODs)

Zoom WODs may or may not be the workout of the day on SugarWOD. Tune in an find out. (Not likely today).

Hill Repeats
10x on approx 2 mins

Find a moderately challenging hill in your neighborhood that takes about a minute and a half to run up. Go as hard as you can and jog or walk down. Repeat for a total of ten reps.

When we do this workout at the gym, we use Ingraham Street which is perfect and leave every 2 minutes. You may need to adjust that, based on what you have in your hood. That’s fine. The idea is to go hard on the uphill run and recover coming down.

Pro tip: lean into the hill, stay on the balls of your feet, pick your knees up and pump your arms. And watch for cars.




Get in a nice 45-minute full-body yoga session in. It should be challenging, but not overly so. Allow your body to stretch and heal, while building physical mindfulness.