Back Squat Warm Up
2 x 10 (barbell)
2 x 5 (50% 1RM)
1 x 3 (65%)
Back Squat
10 x 3 @ 75% 1RM
Every 2min for 20min

2 Rounds
3 min row (cal)
2 min HSPU
1 min strict pull ups
rest 3 min
row for calories
rest 1 min

10 strict Pull Ups

Today we start to build off the squat therapy week and the 1 rep max testing week.  We are going to do an abbreviated version of Mike Burgener’s 10 x 3 cycle.  Mike Burgener is an Olympic weight lifting coach and runs the CrossFit weightlifting certification.  He is the owner of Mike’s Gym, (which is literally his garage) and runs
His program is actually 12 weeks, but we are going to cut it in half.  So for the next six weeks, we will be both back squatting and front squatting with a rep scheme of 10 sets of 3 reps.  The weight will stay the same for all ten sets and will be a percentage of your 1 rep max.  Know going into class what your number is.  Work with someone in the same ballpark so you can keep the weight changing to a minimum.  You should be squatting every two minutes.
There are many different squat cycles out there, most of them with a specific goal of getting stronger in weight lifting alone, not CrossFit.  So don’t expect to see the same gains you would if you focused only on weight lifting and did it for 12 weeks.  But you should see some improvement.  Results will vary.
We have done other cycles in the past, but this is the first 10 x 3.  That’s one of the reasons we chose this…because we haven’t done it before.  There are some theories out there that 10 x 3 is the best way to go.  Here’s one.  You can be the judge at the end of it.
Try to come to the classes in which we squat.  Friday night’s Open gym is going to close for a few weeks when The Open starts.  More on that here.