Workout of the Day

For Time
Row 1k
Run 800
80 Double Unders
40 Single DB Step Ups (50/35)
Row 500
Run 400
40 DU
20 Step Ups

24 min time cap

This one pumps from the start
and doesn’t let up. The way the workouts is built, once you start getting really
tired you move on and halfway through the workout after you’ve just grinded
through the step-ups…the workout cuts in half. Good because the work is
reduced…bad because the pace stays hot. The DB Step-ups is a mental grind,
but it will allow athletes to bring their heart rate back down before they have to
perform the next set of Row & Run.

During this workout athletes should really be focusing on their pace & time
split on the Row & Run, are they able to hold this pace for the hold workout? If
not, maybe they can back off just a bit in the beginning and empty the tank at
the end. This workout will be all about and overall workout pace it’s not won in
the beginning it’s won through consistency and effort!


Jump Rope (Double Unders) | Row | Run | Tire Flip