Starting this week, we are going to be focusing each month on a specific movement.  For October we will be focusing on:

  • Split Snatch 
  • Strict Pull-Up

This is part of a larger strategy to keep you informed on the logic and rationale behind what we do.  For the overall perspective on the programming philosophy here at Second Wind, please read this.
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Hollow positioning

Tabata: Hollow Rock (or scale)
Strict Pull Ups
Establish Max Unbroken either strict or using the “toenail spot” from a box or on the floor.  Unbroken is the most you can do without stopping or letting go of the bar.  Take that number, subtract 1 and do four more sets of that number.
For example, if you do 6 pull ups without stopping, rest and then do four more sets of 5 with a minute rest in between.
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3 Rounds
10 Power Cleans
20 Box Jumps
30 Sit Ups
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