15 Med Ball Cleans
Synched together as a class

1 Hang Power Clean +
1 Front Squat +
1 Push Press

For Time:
50 Thrusters (65/45)
50 Sit Ups
partition as needed
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Clean and Jerk, while technically two lifts, is really considered one.  And as far as bang for the buck, it really doesn’t get any better than this. The Clean & Jerk should be your “desert island” lift.  In other words, if you could only do one lift, this should be it.
Where else do you get a deadlift, front squat and overhead press, all in one? Right, nowhere.
For those of you new to this stuff, we will work on improving technique.  For those not so new, we will be testing 1 rep max, starting Friday (see below).
logo-liftoff-powered-by-rogueThis Friday and Saturday, we will be running a little friendly competition between you and everyone else in the world. No pressure.
It’s the CrossFit Liftoff and here’s how it works:
1) Register here: https://games.crossfit.com/liftoff/ (It costs $10)
2) Complete your best 1 rep max of Snatch and 1 rep max of Clean & Jerk.
3) Complete another workout that CrossFit will announce on Thursday, Nov. 3.
4) Input your scores.
5) Collect prizes (If you’re among the best in the world.)
Here’s the schedule:
Friday, Nov. 4: WOD for all classes: 1 rep max Snatch and 1 rep max Clean & Jerk.
Saturday, Nov. 5: 10 and 11am classes will be whatever workout was announced by CrossFit on Thursday
Also: You can complete any of the three workouts on Friday during Open Gym, 6-730pm.
Please note the following:
– You DO NOT have to register for this competition to take part in these classes. You can come to class like you normally would and do the same workouts.
– Please do not ask to make up any workouts on Sunday. If you can’t get them done between Friday and Saturday, please don’t register.
– Oh, and you have to weigh yourself as the scoring is based on weight class.
This is meant to be fun, not overly competitive, but there will be rules on standards of movements.