Workout of the Day

Today we are going to do a lot of light movement just to shake out the soreness from Murph. I encourage you to do this, even if you are very sore…it will help your recovery through the rest of the week.

3 Rounds
2 min each
20 MB Rotations + plank remainder of time
rest 1 min

2 Rounds – Rowing
:15 on/:45 off
:30 on/:30 off
:45 on/:15 off
:60 on/:60 off

Box Jumps
Sit Ups
KB Swing

Set Tabata timer for 24 rounds of :20/:10 and alternate each movement.
:20 box, :10 rest
:20 Sit Ups, :10 rest
:20 KB Swing, :10 rest


Box Jump | Kettlebell Swing | Row | Sit-up