Workout of the Day

4 Rounds
2 min max cal Row
1 min max KB Swings
1 min KB Goblet Lunges
1 min rest

Name of the game for today’s workout is consistent sustainable efforts! The goal for the row is a tough, sustainable pace through each round. During the warm up, get a feel for a number of calories that will be repeatable +/- 1-2 cals per round. We don’t want to see a drastic drop off between rounds.

For the KB movements, we are really looking for athletes to hold
onto the bell for the full minute unbroken in both exercises. Move through the swings and when it’s time for the lunges, hold on for the next minute until the rest on the other side – no early drops! This means, picking a proper weight for the KB to allow for moving through both minutes.

This workout is what you make it so hit it hard!


Kettlebell Swing | Row | Walking Lunge

– Hollow Hold
– Dead Bug

(Tabata is 8 rounds of :20 on/:10 off) Complete 8 rounds of Hollow Hold, then 8 Rounds of Dead Bug.