Workout of the Day

Overhead Squat for load:
#1: 3 reps
#2: 3 reps
#3: 3 reps
#4: 3 reps
#5: 3 reps

All sets should be heavy, but we are looking for a 3 rep max. Use the pound pads to drop the bars from overhead.


Overhead Squat

4 Rounds
15 OH Squat (50-60%)
35 Double Unders

Picka a weight for the OH Squat that is about 50-60% of where you finished your set of three. You should be able to do 15 unbroken fairly easily in the first round, but maybe not so easily by rounds 3 and 4.

Scale for DU: 50 running singles or 70 singles.


Jump Rope (Double Unders) | Overhead Squat | Run