Workout of the Day

Thrusters (95/65)
Pull Ups

This workout is a drag race: step on the gas hard and go until you are out of gas. Scale this in a way that is going to keep you moving as hard as possible and be finished in the 3-7 min range. If you think you are on the low end of that time domain scaled, consider working your way closer to Rx. There are three ways to scale this workout: weight, movement and reps.

Weight: 95 and 65 is considered light for the top athletes. That’s intentional. If you have to break up your sets too often (3x?), it’s probably too heavy.

Movement: Jumping or banded pull ups (probably jumping). Whatever you do, be sure to make note of it here in SugarWOD. Again, keep it moving!

Reps: 15-12-9 rep count is also an option.

This is CrossFit’s most famous workout. It’s all we are going to do today. Hit it hard!


Pull-up (Kipping) | Thruster