Workout of the Day

3 Rounds
Row 15/12 cal
rest :30
15 Wall Ball
rest :30

This is not scored because it is meant to be an extended warm up for the barbell cycling coming up. The rowing mimics the pulling in the cleans and the wall ball will prep shoulders for the overhead.


Clean | Row | Wall Ball Shot

7 Rounds for Load
1 Deadlift +
1 Power Clean +
1 Hang Power Clean +
1 Push Press +
1 Push Jerk +
1 Split Jerk

You are testing your Strength, Grip and Barbell Cycling technique. Pick a weight that allows you to complete the sets unbroken…the bar can not go
back down to the ground to rest once you initiate the Deadlift.

You can either progress in weight as you go or pick a weight and stay with it. The Push Press will likely be your limiter.


Deadlift | Hang Power Clean | Power Clean | Push Jerk | Push Press | Split Jerk