Workout of the Day

min 1: 10 Air Squats +
20 Plank Shoulder Taps
min 2: 20 Speed Skaters
min 3: 10 Push Press + 10 Sit Ups

See video for Speed Skater


Air Squat | Push Press | Shoulder Taps | Sit-up

DB Push Press
Jumping Lunges
Up Downs

DB: If you have two, use both.
If you have one you can either
use both hands, or do half reps
single arm, half the other arm

No DBs? Backpack or other odd object or substitute Push Ups

Jumping Lunge Scale: Regular lunges

Upscale: Burpees instead of Up Downs


Box Jump | Burpee | Dumbbell Push Press | Push Press | Walking Lunge