Overhead Squat
3 x 3

(Ain’t Nobody Got Time For)
30 Snatch
For quality, not time
12 min cap
compare to 9/17/14
Isabel is a CrossFit “nasty girl” workout that is 30 snatches at 135/95 pounds for time.  There are plenty of people, myself included, who think that it’s rarely a good idea to attempt that.  So, I don’t want you to do it for time and there is hardly anyone who should be attempting this workout at those weights.
Your goal here is to modify this workout in both weight and time so as to maintain a steady but high heart rate, while doing the best quality snatches you can.  You must check your ego on this and think about hitting good form on every rep.  If it starts to deteriorate, stop, settle down and come back to it.  But there is a 12-minute cap.
And this…