Workout of the Day

Zoom WOD with Grant at 5:30pm:

MIN 1 – 20 Thrusters (Backpack, Dumbbells, Med Ball)
MIN 2 – 15 Weighted Sit-ups (Backpack, Medball, Dog)
MIN 3 – 10 Burpees (Chef’s Choice!)

Score for Style

We will do this workout as written, but I’ll offer an Rx+ remix with some fresh burpee variations, because A. you get points for style and B. you’ll feel like a badass!

Here’s how to win at Burpees:

Round 1 – double strict pushup burpee (starting off easy)
Round 2 – burpee jump to bottom of squat (look like a haus!)
Round 3 – Single leg burpee (um… is that even a thing?)
Round 4 – Spider Burpee – Knees to elbow double pushup burpee (wha!??!)
Round 5 – Punisher Burpee – w/dumbells 2 rows+ 2 full extension 90 degree side planks – (you’ve got to be kidding me!!!)


Burpee | Push Up | Row | Sit-up | Thruster

Accumulate 2 mins/side