Workout of the Day

On a 10 minute running clock, build to a heavy KB Complex:
1 Single Arm KB Deadlift
1 SA Russian Swing
1 SA Hang Clean
1 SA Hang Snatch

Complete all reps with L-arm, then R-arm.

We have all weightlifting movements building from light to heavy load. The goal is to hone these skills so you can transition smoothly from one rep to the next. This may be challenging with your less dominant arm so if you are struggling with the load you can perform multiple sets at a moderate load.

Score heaviest weight.


Clean | Deadlift | Kettlebell Swing | Run | Snatch

10 Double Unders*
10 Knees to Elbows
5 Dips
*DU increase by 10 each rd

rest 2 min

10 KB SDHP* (53/35)
10 Knees to Elbow
5 Dips
*KB increase by 5 reps each rd

Our workout today is a grip load of movements. Loading is moderate to moderate-heavy and volume is moderate to moderate-high, especially for athletes that get into the higher rounds. The combination of gripping movements is really going to hit the hands in the second AMRAP when the KB SDHP comes in. Athletes should be looking to get into 4 rounds with each AMRAP.


Kettlebell Swing | Knees-to-Elbows | Ring Dip | Sumo Deadlift High Pull