Workout of the Day

1) 12 DB Row
2) 5-10 SLOW (weighted) Push Ups
3) 10 DB Front Rack Lunge


Push Up | Row | Walking Lunge

3 DB ManMaker Split Jerk
50 Running Singles

This is a bit of a new one. Check the video in the Prepare section for Man Maker. With two dumbbells, it includes push ups, plank rows, cleans into thrusters. We are going to modify that last portion: come up from the squat clean, pause and do a split jerk.

RUnning singles are essentially running in place with a jump rope. We will practice it. If it doesn’t click for you, shift to 100 singles.


Atlas Stone | Clean | Hang Squat Clean | Man Maker | Push Up | Row | Run | Split Jerk | Squat Clean | Thruster