Workout of the Day

8 Rounds
Every 90 Seconds

Consider this an extended warm up to build to a heavy Deadlift to use in the workout.

Round 1-2: 10 reps
Round 3-4: 8 reps
Round 5-6: 6 reps
Round 7-8: 5 reps



1) 50 Running Singles
2) 5 OTB Burpees + 5 Deadlift

Moderate duration, monostructural, bodyweight, and heavy weightlifting in today’s workout!

Running singles with the jump rope should be fast, if you have developed that coordination. If you are getting tangled up, switch to Double Unders or fast singles! The goal is to get the heart rate up high and work for about 45 seconds!

Lateral Burpees Over Bar should be completed in under :25 and the Deadlifts should be completed in :15 – :20. Deadlifts should be touch and go,
avoid quick singles at all costs.


Burpee | Deadlift | Jump Rope (Double Unders)