Workout of the Day

SLIPS is CrossFit-speak for Scales, L-Sits, Inversions (handstands), Planks and Stretching. Basically, gymnasty stuff to practice. Today we are going to do:

3 Rounds Not For Time:
6 Back Scales (3R/3L)
:30 L-Sit (rings or paralettes)

Back Scales:


10 Rounds
A) 12 DB Snatch (50/35)(alternating, 6R/6L)
B) 10 Up-Down Box Jumps (24/20)
A) 8 Toes to Bar

Text your buddy and have them meet you at class…we don’t want to make the coach have to workout with you! (Except for Gayle because she just got back from Europe and probably needs to workout…right Gayle?)

This is a standard A-B-A workout, where one person works and one rests as you alternate through the exercises. Each person will do each exercise five times.

Up-Down Box Jumps are like Burpee Box Jumps but without a push up.

Scale: Knees to Elbows for Toes to Bar.


Box Jump | Dumbbell Snatch | Toes-to-Bar