Air Squat Review

Front Squat
as skill work
5 x 5
Use time to work on perfecting form and decide weight for met-con

odd) 5 Front Squat +
10 hops over bar
even) 5 Ring Push Ups +
10 perfect Air Squats

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week, we are taking our better air squats and adding load to it. Back squats on Wednesday and front squats on Thursday. Next week, we will begin a squat strength cycle and we want you to use this week as preparation for that. Can you maintain the major points of performance with a load? Can you squat correctly with a heavy weight?
Next week’s start of the strength cycle will be different for everyone. For those with really pretty squat form, we want you to load up. If you have trouble squatting below parallel in an air squat without pitching forward and losing lumbar integrity, weight should not be your primary concern.
So use the remainder of this week to set yourself up for next week. Don’t rush the process. Better squats will eventually lead to heavier – and safer – squats.
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