DSC_0403One of the great things about running Second Wind is watching the progress clients make over the weeks, months and years as they train.  There are any number of ways to measure progress.  The most common is known as the PR, which stands for Personal Record.
We have a bell in the gym that we ring whenever someone sets a “new PR”.  Usually that involves lifting some amount of weight that this person previously could not do.  It could also involve a movement, such as a pull up or stringing together three double-unders.
All those are great and I love to help people reach them.  But it’s the PR that happens outside the gym that really excites me.
Ever since I started training people, my favorite stories have been the ones that took place in every day life.  I’ll never forget the story about Laurie getting tired of waiting for someone to help her take a box off the shelf at Ikea.  She finally said to her kids, “Come on, I’ve picked up that much before.  Let’s take it down ourselves”.
That’s CrossFit.
And those are the stories I’m looking to share.  Maybe you hiked a steep trail this summer that you never thought you could do.  You tried Stand Up Paddle boarding for the first time and killed it.  Maybe you went for a check up and your doctor said, “What have you been doing?”
What are the stories that made you say “That’s CrossFit”?
If you’re willing to share, please fill out the form below with just a paragraph about your story.
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