Workout of the Day

3 squat clean (185/125)
amrap pullups

REST 90s


Hang Squat Clean | Pull-up (Kipping)

Row 1000m

1K row time trial!! We went hard last week with 500m sprints, now we are “sprinting” the equivalent of an 800m run. Think about breaking this up into 3 sections: the first 250, the middle 500, and the last 250. The first 250 you want to come out pretty fast to get that flywheel moving, settle in for the middle 500, and then sprint to the finish! Try to maintain a pace that is less than 5s off your 500m time. So, if your 500m is 2:00, then try to maintain an average split of 2:05 or less for the 1k. Empty the tank here :)



Barbell Bettys

Bench Press + Pendlay Row
4 rounds of 6-8 reps
1 round max reps


Bench Press | Row

1 minute box jumps
1 minute kettle bell swings
1 minute rest

1:30 box jumps
1:30 kettle bell swings
1 minute rest

2 minutes box jumps
2 minutes kettle bell swings
1 minute rest


Box Jump | Kettlebell Swing