Workout of the Day

3 Rounds Not For Time
4 Turkish Get Ups (2/2)
12 Bulgarian Split Squat (6/6)


Turkish Get Up

Row 3k w/partner

While one rows, the other runs 200m. When the runner comes in, she does 7 burpees then switches places with the rower. Score is time when the rower monitor reaches 3000 meters.

If you don’t get 45 burpees in, make up the difference after class.


Burpee | Row | Run

Barbell Bettys

3-3-3-3-3 . . . .
Increasing weight each round – start with strict press and
move into push press until you just can’t get three! Add weight in small increments and maintain your form – keep back straight (no arching) as it get’s heavy.


Shoulder Press (Strict)

10 Wall Balls
Row 250
Rest 1 min (or not at all!)


Row | Wall Ball Shot