Workout of the Day

3 Rounds
Row 300m
15 Burpees
25 KB Swings
rest 1 min

Score total time.


Burpee | Kettlebell Swing | Row

8 Rounds w/partner
1) Run 200
2) Dbl KB Front Rack Hold

(Each person runs four times and holds KB four times.)

Score total time and write something about your partner most people don’t know.


Kettlebell Swing | Run

Barbell Bettys

Warming up to a medium/heavy first working set of 3, and then 5 sets of 3 deadlifts on a 2:00/round clock. Build to heavier sets, or stay at one weight across all five rounds.



Complete Reps with Partner
Partner 1 rows 1:00 while Partner 2 chips away at the reps. Once Partner 1 is done with the row, Partner 2 rows 1:00 and Partner 1 picks up on the reps where Partner 2 left off. Rinse and repeat until all 4 rounds are complete!

4 Rounds
20 Wall Balls
15 sit ups
10 Deadlifts


Deadlift | Row | Sit-up | Wall Ball Shot