Workout of the Day

It’s been a long week. Let’s turn it down a few notches and re-group for next week.

10 mins: Mobility

Not For Time
10 Turkish Get Ups (5/5)

100 Singles (no doubles)
15 KB Swings

– Row
– Air Squats

5 Mins Mobility

Morgan’s Mindful Minute


Air Squat | Kettlebell Swing | Row | Turkish Get Up

Barbell Bettys

5 Rounds of both movements
Rounds 1-4:
5 bench press
6-8 Pendlay rows
The weight on these movements should let you feel like you could do additional reps

Round 5:
Max reps for both movements
(find a weight that is heavier than sets 1-4 but still allows you to do more than 5 bench and 8 rows)


Bench Press | Row

In 6 Minutes
Row 500
40 Wall Balls
max singles with jump rope

(score is number of singles you jump)


Row | Wall Ball Shot