Workout of the Day

WOD for Sunday, March 29, 2020

EMOM for 22 minutes
Core finisher

EMOM for 22 minutes
Minute A:
-Right side: *2-5 DB/KB hang cleans, reverse lunges(same leg), and OH presses.
-Left side: same complex as above
Minute B:
-5-7 burpee tuck jumps

*Rep should be scaled depending on what weight you have. If you have a challenging weight, you should choose 2-3 reps of the moves in the complex. If you have a lighter weight, you should be moving faster through 4-5 reps. The work to rest ratio should be approx 30:30 seconds.


Burpee | Clean | Front Rack Lunge

EMOM for 22 minutes (no equipment)
Minute A:
-5/5 *Bulgarian split squats
-10 tricep dips
Minute B:
-5-7 burpee tuck jumps

*Slow and controlled on the Bulgarian split squats. Focus on getting the back knee down on each rep.


Burpee | Ring Dip

2 Rounds
-50 flutter kicks
-40 Russian twists
-30 sit-ups (for pups!)



Barbell Bettys

We’re so happy that we’ll get to see you all again here!

Here’s the link to the Zoom workout:

We’ll spend the first few minutes getting us all situated, although I doubt none of us have escaped the new reality of online meetings over the past two weeks. Can’t wait to hear how you’re doing!


a) 20 Air Squats (upscale: jumping squats, or goblet squats if you have a kettlebell, a dumbell, a box of cat litter, or a small child or pet)

b) 10 knee push ups to plank with shoulder taps (upscale: strict push-ups with shoulder tap)

c) 15 deadbugs (upscale: v-ups, or hollow hold/rock)

d) 10 up downs (upscale: burpees, or punisher burpees…we’ll show you)


Air Squat | Burpee | Deadlift | Kettlebell Swing | Push Up | Shoulder Taps | V-Up