Workout of the Day

3 Rounds
12 KB Lunges (35/25)
12 Barbell Bent Rows (75/53)
Run 200

rest exactly 3 mins

3 Rounds
15 Push Ups
12 SDHP (75/53)
200m Suitcase Carry (50/35)

Two part workout today, but one running clock to score total time, with note on what time you finished part one.

KB Lunges are with single kettle bell racked up in the front rack in the crook of your elbow. Lunges can be walking, in place stepping forward or stepping back. 6 on each side.

Barbell Rows: bend over to almost 90 degrees and pull the bar to your chest. Return it to the floor on each rep. A hook grip will help you.

Sprint the run!

For Part 2, keep the same barbell, but you might want to swap your KB for a dumbbell. Suitcase carry is with the load in just one hand, so switch halfway. Remember to stay upright as you fast walk around the block.


Push Up | Sumo Deadlift High Pull | Walking Lunge

Barbell Bettys

Sumo Deadlift

10 x 3
increase weight at least 2-3 times over sets


Deadlift | Sumo Deadlift

a) 5 deadlifts (75%)
b) 7 bar facing burpees
c) :30 plank hold


Burpee | Deadlift