Workout of the Day

2 Rounds
800m Medball Run
50/40 cal row
25 Box Jumps

30 min time cap

Grunt work today. Running with a med ball is a bit challenging. You’ll start to get a shoulder burn and will need to change positions. You’re going to feel this whole workout in the legs. Coming in from the run, the first few strokes of the row are going to be brutal…stay with it and settle in. Then stay focused on your box jumps.

After the first round, check your time. If you are in danger of missing the time cap, scale the second round row and box jump numbers.


Box Jump | Row | Run

Barbell Bettys

Accumulate 5,000 lbs. lifted by choosing 2:

Back Squat
Push Press


Back Squat | Deadlift | Push Press