Workout of the Day

For Time
Power Snatch (95/65)
Box Jump
Run 400 after each round

Scaling Options:
Rep Count: 21-15-9-6
Run 200

Workout today is a little longer to cap off the week, and it’ll really get the legs
and lungs PUMPED. The jump of the power snatch combined with the box
jump is one thing, but combine that with the unilateral bounding aspect that
comes from each stride in the run and you have a recipe for increasingly tired
legs! If the legs last, then it’s the lungs! We are looking for athletes to go big (if not unbroken) sets on the power snatches, quick transitions to steady paced box jumps, and then a quick run before doing it again.

Today is a great day for athletes to test what their touch and go capacity is for power snatches!

All in all, we want athletes to pick weights that they can do the sets of 27/21 in 3-4 sets, and the 15/9 sets in no more than 2-3 sets.


Box Jump | Hang Power Snatch | Power Snatch | Run | Snatch | Tire Flip

Boot Camp

Cash in: the hundred!

3 rounds of :45 on, :15 off
Burpee with Y reach pushup
Pull ups (ring rows)
KB Goblet Squat to Box Step ups
15 Ring curls (Banded Bicep Curls) then max Ring Dips ( bench dips)
Med Ball Rotation

• max wall balls
• plank

Count Down Couplet: In 8 min
11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of
Toes 2 Bar
Push ups


Bench Press | Burpee | Kettlebell Swing | Pull-up (Kipping) | Push Up | Ring Dip | Ring Row | Row | Wall Ball Shot