Workout of the Day

AMRAP 20 w/partner

A) 15 OH Squats (75/53)
B) 15 MB Sit Ups
A) 15/12 cal Row

One works while one rests. Everything here will take less than a minute, so don’t leave your partner…you’re going to keep moving on this.

OH Squat weight is relatively light so push through and try to stay unbroken, at least in the early rounds. MB Sit ups – MB needs to touch the floor behind you and in front of you. Be ready on the rower when your partner is finished with the sit ups. Reset the monitor to zero each time.


Overhead Squat | Row | Sit-up

Boot Camp

6 Rounds :30 on :30 off
Practice Speed Stepping with Jump Rope.
Count each time your right foot hits, try to keep improving!

For Round n, do n reps (round 1 is 1 of each thing, round 2 is 2…)
n Wall Balls
n Push ups on a Wall Ball
n Mountain Climbers on wall ball
n Stayin’ Alives
n Wall Ball Jumping Front Squat
n Sunrise Sunset

Push ups: You pick! Hands on ball or feet on ball. Scale by putting knees on the floor, hands on the ball.

Mountain Climbers: Right, Left is 1

Stayin Alives: Standing in Sumo Squat move wall ball from outside left knee diagonally up across body to far upper right reach. Repeat on opposite side for 1. When doing multiple, finish all the Rights before doing all the Lefts.

Wall Ball Jumping Front Squat – hug wall ball high on chest, explode from bottom of squat, land soft.

Sunrise Sunset: Feet just wider than hips, touch wall ball to left pinky toe. Raise the ball in a wide arc overhead and back down to right pinky toe. Back and forth is 1.


Front Squat | Push Up | Wall Ball Shot