Workout of the Day

For Time
120 Thrusters (heavy)
120 Up Downs

One works, one rests. Partition reps as needed. “Heavy” for thrusters is obviously a relative term, but a normal thruster weight that would not be considered heavy would be 95/65. You’re looking for a weight where you can hit 6-8 reps unbroken. Thrusters should be broken up into sets of 5-10 reps at a time, and Up-Downs can be broken into bigger chunks of 10-20 to get them out of the way. Allow roughly 20:00 for this workout to be completed.



Boot Camp

4 rounds of 4-minute AMRAPS, 1-minute rest in between rounds. Switch roles after each round.
Pair off into Cops and Robbers.

Cop Workout:
10 Med Ball situps
10 Med Ball Mountain Climbers (2 is 1)
6 Med Ball Push ups
6 Med Ball Stayin’ Alives (3 each side)
4 Med Ball Jumping Front Squat
Put the robber in Jail, do 4 Sunrise Sunsets (1 is 1), then let them out.

Robber Workout:
30 High Knees
15 Air Squats
9 Knees to Elbows
6 Pull ups
3 Burpees
Joy Ride – Steal the wall ball from the Cop, do 10 wall balls, then toss it back nonchalantly.

Robber in Jail: Wall Sit.
Cop whose wall ball is stolen: Wall Sit.
Cash out: Chef’s Choice!


Air Squat | Burpee | Front Squat | L-Sit | Push Up | Sit-up