Workout of the Day

50 Thrusters (45/35)
50 Sit Ups
50 cal Row

One partner works while the other rests. Switch whenever you want, but you have to finish all the reps before moving to the next exercise.


Row | Sit-up | Thruster

Boot Camp

6 rounds 1:00 AMRAP, :30 off
Double KB Bent over Row
Double KB Clean
Double KB Swing into Push Press
Double KB Reverse Curl to Floor
Push to right of KBs,
Push up to left of KBs.

Then, with 2 Dumbbells –
:45 on :15 off (Some movements will be :30 on :30 off so it’s not insane, just crazy 🙂
Wall sit will be for the full minute, naturally.
1. Dumbbell High Knees
2. Dumbbell Mountain Climbers
3. Dumbbell Plank
4. Dumbbell Sit Ups
5. Dumbbell High Knees
6. Dumbbell Jump Squat
7. Dumbbell Glute Bridges on Bench
8. Dumbbell Thrusters
9. Dumbbell Jumping Hang Power Cleans
10. Dumbbell Rest
11. Dumbbell Glute Bridges on Bench
12. Dumbbell Mountain Climbers
13. Dumbbell Plank
14. Dumbbell Jumping Hang Power Cleans
15. Dumbbell Wall Sit
16. Dumbbell Rest
17. Dumbbell Thrusters
18. Dumbbell Jumping Hang Power Cleans
19. Dumbbell Thrusters


Bench Press | Box Jump | Clean | Hang Power Clean | Kettlebell Swing | L-Sit | Power Clean | Power Clean and Push Jerk | Push Press | Row | Thruster