Workout of the Day


A1: Run 100
12 Wall Ball
6 Burpees

A2: rests

Not For Time:
100 Alt. Partner Plank High-Fives

One works to complete the set of run, WB and Burpees while the other rests. Each Partner Should work for about :90 each round- 100m Run should be :30 or less, Wall Balls and Burpees should be 1:00 or less. Fittest teams could get each round done in around 1:00! The Run can be subbed with any cardio movement, or if you really want to make it spicy, sub Mountain Climbers.

The Finisher is for QUALITY, and athletes should be able to complete the 100 in sets of 20-30 with each rep = 1 high-five. These shouldn’t be a struggle, so scale appropriately to allow athletes to hold the plank position for the designated
amount of reps.


Burpee | Run | Wall Ball Shot

Boot Camp

5 rounds of 5 reps each. All these movements flow into each other for 1 rep.
KB Clean
KB Goblet Squat
Reverse Curl KB to Floor in Clean Setup
Curl KB to Chest (KB handle is down)
KB Thruster
KB Tricep Extension
Lower KB to chest, Goblet Squat
Negative KB Curl to Floor
:30s rest between each Round. 5 reps should take about 2 minutes.

Annie get your Run:
Double Unders
+200m run after each round


Clean | Jump Rope (Double Unders) | Kettlebell Swing | Run | Sit-up | Thruster