Workout of the Day

In Teams of 3
2 Rounds x 3 mins each station
1) Back Squat (weight you can take from the ground)
2) cal Row
3) Toes to Bar
4) rest

Fight Gone Bad Style workout- P1 starts on Station 1 / P2 on S2 / P3 on S3 and rotates down. Teammates rotate between stations 1,2,3 and all partners rest at same time for the final station. No additional rest b/t stations. 3 minutes is a long time working at one station, so you should be pacing accordingly to be able to sustain working the entire time.

Choose a Back Squat weight that you feel comfortable taking from the ground to the Back Rack, and you should be able to hold on for around 2:00 before having to put the bar down to shake it out and squeeze some more out in
that last minute of work.

T2B should be broken into quick, small sets to avoid burnout too early- shooting for sets of 5-7 for as long as possible. Knees to Elbows or Knees Up or Sit Ups are suitable scaling options.

Cal Row should be something you can withstand for 2:30, picking up the pace to a sprint to hammer out that last :30

Your score, should you choose to keep it, is total number of reps.


Back Squat | Row | Sit-up | Toes-to-Bar

Boot Camp

This secret ARNIE remix is for Bootcampers only!!
So keep it on the down low!

Why do we love Arnie?
1. It’s a perfect balance of endurance and skill work.
2. Turkish Get Ups and KB Overhead Squats are AWESOME for shoulder rehab/strengthening.
3. Because there are only 20 KB swings at a time, you can set and achieve a goal of going unbroken on all sets!

With a single kettlebell:
3 rounds of:
• 7 Turkish get-ups, Right arm
• 20 Swings
• 7 Overhead squats, Left arm
• 20 Swings
• 7 Overhead squats, Right arm
• 20 Swings
• 7 Turkish get-ups, Left arm


Turkish Get Up | Kettlebell Swing