Workout of the Day

40 Single DB Front Squats
30 Sit Ups
20 Alt DB Snatch
10 Alt DB Burpees

Longer duration workout, with every movement but one using a single DB. The weight on the DB should allow you to get through each movement without having to stop and stare at the ground for too long- ideally each movement can be
done unbroken for at least the first half of the Workout.


Burpee | Front Squat | Sit-up | Snatch

Boot Camp

4 Rounds of AMRAP 5: Deck of Cards. Rest 1 min.

Do the number of reps and the exercise from the card pulled from the deck. Kings=13 reps, Queen =12 Reps…2=2 Reps, Ace = 1 rep. The suit indicates what exercise we’ll do: for example, Clubs might be Air Squats, so the King of Clubs would be 13 Air Squats. Each round has different exercises for the suits- We’ll keep go for 5 minutes, take a minute rest, then start the next round with new exercises.

Some exercises likely to appear…
(ok, well, I already know you’re going to see these)
Hollow Rocks
Mountain Climbers
Push Ups
KB Swings
Reverse Lunges
Sit Ups
Goblet Squat…
and MANY MANY MORE of your FAVES!!!!


Air Squat | Burpee | Hollow Rock | Kettlebell Swing | Push Up | Walking Lunge