Workout of the Day

5 rounds for time:
• 20 pull-up
• 30 push-ups
• 40 sit-ups
• 50 squats

Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

A CrossFit classic as we’re getting after all body-weight movements today. The built-in rest is long, which means you should attack each interval hard. Most people will be in the 5 min range per round. Scaling options below.

Pull Ups: you start each round fresh so try to get a big chunk of pull-ups done right off the bat. Try to do a larger + smaller set, like 12+8 or break it up into 8+7+5.

Push Ups: It’s always the push ups, isn’t it? Try breaking them up into small sets, like 6×5, even if your fresh and can do more. Your triceps will thank you later. Moderate snaking is permitted since we are doing so many. Also, push-ups from a box are a good option.

Sit Ups: just try to do those as fast as you can. Use your arms to help you.

Air Squats: we are looking for solid depth on these. Use a med ball under your butt if you need to. This is where you can make up some time.

Scaling Options:
Cut to 4 Rounds
Pull Ups: Ring Rows or Jumping
Push Ups: on a box


Pull-up (Kipping) | Push Up | Sit-up | Air Squat

Boot Camp

4 Rounds
Run/Row 200
15 KB Swings
10 Box Jumps or Alternating High Knee Step Ups

4 Rounds w/Partner
100 Speed Steps (Partner A does 50 steps while B does max air squats, then switch) (2 is 1 for speed steps – only count right foot hitting the floor)
16 Partner Wall Ball Sit Up (pass ball to partner, but you both sit up each time, so each partner does 16 situps total)
12 High Five pushups: Partner A and B face each other in plank. A does 1 full pushup then gives a High Five to B and holds plank while B does 1 full pushup.

4 Rounds
3 Sunrise Sunset (1 is 1) (Take Wall Ball from outside right foot in a sweeping high arc overhead to outside left foot)
6 Pull Ups
9 Wall Ball Burpees (pushup on wall ball after each wall ball shot)


Air Squat | Box Jump | Burpee | Kettlebell Swing | L-Sit | Push Up | Row | Run | Sit-up | Wall Ball Shot