Workout of the Day

For Reps
3 Rounds
1 min Row (cal)
1 min Burpees
1 min Box Jumps
1 min Pull Ups
1 min Air Squats
1 min rest

This workout is formatted like the classic CrossFit WOD Fight Gone Bad: 1 minute of work at each station, getting as many reps as possible. No break between exercises….try to move quickly to the next thing. Do your best to keep count of your reps as you go and total them up during the rest break.


Air Squat | Box Jump | Burpee | Kettlebell Swing | Pull-up (Kipping) | Row

Boot Camp

7 Rounds
Every 90s do a 45s Static hold, 30s Movement, and take 15s rest
Bottom of Squat (actively pushing knees back), Air Squats
Dead Hang (active shoulders), Pull-Ups
Hollow Hold, Hollow Crunches
Superman Hold, Superman Alternating leg/arm lifts
HandStand hold or DB Overhead hold, Strict Press
Front Pull Apart Band Hold,Front Pull Aparts
Plank on Rings, Push-Ups

15 Up Downs
30 Double Unders/Speed Step
1 min Wall Sit
15 KB Swings
30 Double Unders/Speed Step
1 min Ring Plank or Floor Plank


Air Squat | Deadlift | Dumbbell Overhead Squat | Jump Rope (Double Unders) | Kettlebell Swing | L-Sit | Pull-up (Kipping) | Pull-up (Strict) | Push Up | Run | Shoulder Press (Strict)