Workout of the Day

2 Power Snatch

This is meant as a build period to your working weight. Be sure to build up to – and maybe past – the final weight you will do in the workout. Focus on good technique, but cycling through the 3 reps touch-and-go.



Power Snatch (85/55)
Back Rack Forward Lunge

-Rest 3:00-

Power Snatch (95/65)
Back Rack Forward Lunge

-Rest 3:00

Power Snatch (105/75)
Back Rack Forward Lunge

This is a lot of reps of Power Snatch, but for many people, the limiting factor will be bringing the bar down from overhead to onto your back. That may determine your weight. If you are comfortable with it, feel free to upscale the snatch weight.


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Boot Camp

—-AMRAP 10—————————
25 High Knees (2 is 1) running in place
4 Scap Ring Rows
8 Ring Rows
4 Scap Banded Lat Pull Downs
8 Banded Lat Pull Downs
12 Banded Ab Crunch
8 Banded Face Pulls

—-3 Rounds—————–
9 Banded Pull Aparts
10 Burpees
9 KB Sumo High Pulls
15 KB Swings
9 DB Bent over rows
10 DB Thrusters

—–2x Tabata (:20 On, :10 Off)—————
Hollow Rock
Dead Bug Turnt
Hollow Rock Turnt


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