Dear Members of Second Wind,
As you may recall, this past summer the D.C. City Council, in it’s infinite wisdom, decided to pass a sales tax of 5.75% on gym memberships and services.  This tax goes into effect for these businesses on October 1, 2014.
Unfortunately, that tax is being passed on to you.  Any payments made after October 1 are subject to this tax.  For those paying $185 for Unlimited Membership, the cost now rises to 195.64.  The tax will apply to memberships, drop-ins, yoga, personal training, kids classes….pretty much everything we do here.
Please know that Michelle and I, along with many other gym and yoga studio owners in D.C., tried to fight this.  I maintain this is a bad idea, but we are stuck with it.
And this is part  of the reason why we have added additional value to your membership with making yoga free and adding new classes.  There is more of that to come.
We are conscious of how much you pay to train here and will constantly strive to provide value and be the most affordable CrossFit in town.
If you would like to pay for some months ahead of time, you may do that and avoid the tax, but the payment must be made before October 1.  You may do so for however many months you like.  Just let me know.