Spend 30 minutes working one-on-one with Kevin McGuinness, a licensed physical therapist, to develop a personalized mobility plan.
Kevin will take you through a series of range of motion and motor control tests to uncover asymmetries and weak points and then provide you with a customized routine of corrective exercises to improve flexibility, strength, posture, and reduce the risk for injury. Sessions can be tailored towards a specific body region, specific movement, or can be performed as a generalized head-to-toe screening.
Please contact Kevin directly using the form below to schedule your appoint and discuss your objectives.
Cost is $75/half hour session.
*Disclaimer* These sessions are not a substitute for medical care or physical therapy. They are intended as performance-enhancing and injury-risk reduction service. Although Kevin is a licensed physical therapist, no medical diagnosis or physical therapy treatment will be provided during these sessions. If you are truly injured you should seek professional advice in a formal medical setting before continuing any exercises regimen. *Disclaimer*
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