IMG_2188When Josh Porter first came into Second Wind CrossFit, he did the same workout most people do on their first day of Foundations:

Run 200
Air Squats
Ring Rows
Push Ups
Run 200

Now, maybe the late pasta lunch didn’t help, but let’s just say that following that workout, Josh disappeared into the bathroom for a while.
Since then he has developed into one of the best athletes in the gym.
Those of you who have had a chance to train with him and get to know him know that he is one of the most personable and encouraging people here.  When he started to stay late to help others with their kipping or double unders we got the idea that he would make an excellent coach.
After earning his Level 1 certification from CrossFit, followed by many hours shadowing the other coaches in all the class times and working with him in his own coaching technique, we are proud to present Josh Porter as our newest coach here at Second Wind.